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Growing vegetables on your balcony -- or a terrace -- is a fashion tending to expand. As I myself began into since some years, I realized that websites or books dedicated to that are tempting as, unluckily, they do not give, for most of those, the basic keys to success. I thus put online those following pages which will allow you to real bases. That, of course, will not forbid you to look for more advices on the Web through search engines. It should be noted that in some cases it is possible that one has only a small garden area at disposal, and that it is therefore necessary to choose in terms of use of that surface. It may also be possible to cultivate vegetables in containers either as a complement to the surface or as such (if, for example, the entire surface is devoted to flowers). Our advices therefore are also valid in that case. In terms of growing vegetables inside your house at last, the technique mostly is the concern of hydroponics, which is growing plants without soil with liquid nutrient solutions. Of note that growing vegetables on a balcony, may come with growing also flowers; the proportion -- or even the exclusiveness -- given to each will of course vary according to your choice. Generally, you will also find with our tutorials, hints to grow flowers on a balcony

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